Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Post-race run

MM training week 3
Day Miles: run 6
Total Miles for week: 6
Time: 50min (8.3mm)

I didn't want to run today. I was so tired, still. I felt like I could go home and sleep all morning, easily. I got the kids of to their various places, and got my gear ready, but even after I dropped Thea off, I was still waffling. And yet....

So I went. It was snowy, but not bad. I ran easy for the first couple miles, but right about the time I turned around, mile 3, I started to stretch out. And it got faster, and then slower, and then faster by quite a bit. And the last 2 miles, I could feel my muscles wake up and my lower legs, still sore from the race, were working, and wow, I felt a wave of euphoria that I haven't had in a while.

And I finished fast, too, compared to my sad showing in the triathlon. By the way, my results in that were as follows: 1:45:47 (5K run in 30:19 {weak!}, 7K bike in 38:17 and 5K ski in 37:11)So I was pretty happy with my recovery, and a stronger showing that proved I do have some fitness built into my body after all. I did a set of bench push ups and dips today, too. Ouch.

I had my firefighter physical yesterday and was pretty pleased with the results. The body of an athlete, they said. Now that's a nice thing to hear.

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