Saturday, March 20, 2010

runs and skis

Well, I wouldn't say I've busted through any huge walls with my first week of "training." I did my long run on Tuesday, logging in 10 or 11 miles on the Spit, then followed with a solid day of skiing on Wednesday - some tele and some cross country - in blasting sunshine - yay! Thursday was an office day - and I had some body issues that sidelined me from running even if I had had time. Friday I hit the tele hill for two hours, soaking in some more sun, but I don't know how much actual cardio I got.

But it must all be working a bit, because I competed in a race on Saturday morning, and actually came in first. OK, so it was partly contingent on the fact that I found an easter egg first on the beach, as well as my ability to quote irish poets, but whatever, there were fast people out there, and I at least kept up with them. I had fun, too. It felt really, really good. Or maybe that was just the three shots of Jameson. What fun!

It's a wild change to have some freedom and the physical drive and ability to get out and do this stuff.

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