Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First day of Marathon Training

Today is the first day of my Marathon Training program for the Mayor's Marathon in Anchorage on solstice. I was supposed to do an easy 6 mile run, but I did my long run instead. It took me forever, though. Probably at least a 10-minute mile pace. I did the spit end to end, then doubled back from the second blue house to the boat, which I think added a mile on. I'll have to check it.

According to this chart, I'm supposed to rest tomorrow, then an easy run Thursday (6 miles), a tempo run on Friday (5 miles of hills) and an easy 5 mile run on Saturday?

OK, bring it on. Need to sort out food a bit more. Bonked a bit. Pretty worn out, too. Think I'm going to wean myself down on coffee and beer for this, an cut out red meat, too. Let's just do it up right. Spring into health. March into fitness.

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