Wednesday, March 24, 2010


MM training week 2
Miles: 13
Time: 110 m

Yesterday I ran between 12 and 13 miles - not exactly sure as I didn't drive it yet, but I ran from my house to the wynn nature center and back, which is close to that, if not that. It's a loooong way. And especially since I haven't felt like I was that strong training wise, I'm thrilled to note that today I don't feel too stiff. In fact, I could almost do it again today, I feel.

Running up seatbelt hill at the end was pretty freakin' hard, I'll say. Hills in general were difficult, but not undoable. I wonder if the skiing has really helped with that?

I do need to do something about refueling, though. It doesn't seem to be working out so well that I completely avoid food intake for two hours while pushing my body beyond its norm. I am weak when I get home, for sure.

But still, feeling pretty good about my total mileage. Good stuff.

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