Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Post-race run

MM training week 3
Day Miles: run 6
Total Miles for week: 6
Time: 50min (8.3mm)

I didn't want to run today. I was so tired, still. I felt like I could go home and sleep all morning, easily. I got the kids of to their various places, and got my gear ready, but even after I dropped Thea off, I was still waffling. And yet....

So I went. It was snowy, but not bad. I ran easy for the first couple miles, but right about the time I turned around, mile 3, I started to stretch out. And it got faster, and then slower, and then faster by quite a bit. And the last 2 miles, I could feel my muscles wake up and my lower legs, still sore from the race, were working, and wow, I felt a wave of euphoria that I haven't had in a while.

And I finished fast, too, compared to my sad showing in the triathlon. By the way, my results in that were as follows: 1:45:47 (5K run in 30:19 {weak!}, 7K bike in 38:17 and 5K ski in 37:11)So I was pretty happy with my recovery, and a stronger showing that proved I do have some fitness built into my body after all. I did a set of bench push ups and dips today, too. Ouch.

I had my firefighter physical yesterday and was pretty pleased with the results. The body of an athlete, they said. Now that's a nice thing to hear.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sea to Ski

MM training week 2
Day Miles: run 3, bike 4.3, ski 3
Total Miles for week: 20.5
Time: who knows

Today was the triathlon Sea to Ski. I don't know why I was so determined to enter this race, but I was. Not to compete, so much, but just to be able to say I had done it. And I did. And it was both hard and not too hard. Rewarding.

The run was oddly the hardest part, I think, because I had expectations. I don't run fast, but I feel my running is fare at this point. I got a slow start and then was messing with my ipod for a minute at the beginning and it seemed like a lot of people just blazed off. There weren't that many people doing the full triathlon - I can't wait to see how many did it. So those runners were flying while I was trying not to burn myself out prematurely. Oddly, right toward the end, I started to warm up and really hit my speed.

Then I got on my bike. Biking up West Hill, which I'm betting is an 800 ft elevation climb, was quite intimidating since I haven't been biking in upwards of 10 years. But I switched down to low gears and went for it. The bike held together fine and up the hill I went. It was hard, but not undoable.

The hard part came on the "dirt" road that takes you from West Hill to the ski trailhead. That was a big snowy, slushy mess. And every slushy spot was full of fall potential. I made it almost to the end, then on a big downhill biffed spectacularly.

The ski was pretty hard, too. My legs were screaming by the end. But I did it, I finished, none too fast, that's for sure, but I'm fine with that. It was an experience. Next year I'll know a thing or two more.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

"easy" run

MM training week 2
Day Miles: 5.5
Total Miles for week: 17.5
Time: 52 m
I took a rest day yesterday and did some yoga from a DVD I have. I don't know if it was the yoga or just the leftovers from the last big run, but I for sure was in pain today trying to run my "easy" run of 5 miles. First of all, I practically had to shove myself out the door. It is ironic that the one thing that relieves my stress is also the thing that I tend to shy away from when I am most emotionally whacked. But I went. I did Diamond Ridge/Skyline again, this time from my house to the water towers, which is just over 5 miles round-trip. Seatbelt hill almost got me both going down (severe pain in my shins) and coming back up (almost stopped at one point but managed to yell at myself effectively and get back up to pace). There were a couple points where I tapped into my muscles and was able to power up smaller hills, though, and I can only imagine how rewarding it will be to have the muscle power to tackle bigger hills with the same ease.

I am encouraged by how little stiffness I felt after Monday's long run, however. It was pretty fabulous to be able to cover that distance, with hills, and not feel like a train wreck the next day (or the day after that, really). My weight has dropped back down to 143 and my legs feel like rocks - not completely in a good way, since they also feel that heavy. I do need to go on a quest for good running underwear, truth be told. There is obviously a science to that and I'm going to need it for these long runs. How's that for full disclosure!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


MM training week 2
Miles: 13
Time: 110 m

Yesterday I ran between 12 and 13 miles - not exactly sure as I didn't drive it yet, but I ran from my house to the wynn nature center and back, which is close to that, if not that. It's a loooong way. And especially since I haven't felt like I was that strong training wise, I'm thrilled to note that today I don't feel too stiff. In fact, I could almost do it again today, I feel.

Running up seatbelt hill at the end was pretty freakin' hard, I'll say. Hills in general were difficult, but not undoable. I wonder if the skiing has really helped with that?

I do need to do something about refueling, though. It doesn't seem to be working out so well that I completely avoid food intake for two hours while pushing my body beyond its norm. I am weak when I get home, for sure.

But still, feeling pretty good about my total mileage. Good stuff.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

runs and skis

Well, I wouldn't say I've busted through any huge walls with my first week of "training." I did my long run on Tuesday, logging in 10 or 11 miles on the Spit, then followed with a solid day of skiing on Wednesday - some tele and some cross country - in blasting sunshine - yay! Thursday was an office day - and I had some body issues that sidelined me from running even if I had had time. Friday I hit the tele hill for two hours, soaking in some more sun, but I don't know how much actual cardio I got.

But it must all be working a bit, because I competed in a race on Saturday morning, and actually came in first. OK, so it was partly contingent on the fact that I found an easter egg first on the beach, as well as my ability to quote irish poets, but whatever, there were fast people out there, and I at least kept up with them. I had fun, too. It felt really, really good. Or maybe that was just the three shots of Jameson. What fun!

It's a wild change to have some freedom and the physical drive and ability to get out and do this stuff.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First day of Marathon Training

Today is the first day of my Marathon Training program for the Mayor's Marathon in Anchorage on solstice. I was supposed to do an easy 6 mile run, but I did my long run instead. It took me forever, though. Probably at least a 10-minute mile pace. I did the spit end to end, then doubled back from the second blue house to the boat, which I think added a mile on. I'll have to check it.

According to this chart, I'm supposed to rest tomorrow, then an easy run Thursday (6 miles), a tempo run on Friday (5 miles of hills) and an easy 5 mile run on Saturday?

OK, bring it on. Need to sort out food a bit more. Bonked a bit. Pretty worn out, too. Think I'm going to wean myself down on coffee and beer for this, an cut out red meat, too. Let's just do it up right. Spring into health. March into fitness.