Thursday, March 25, 2010

"easy" run

MM training week 2
Day Miles: 5.5
Total Miles for week: 17.5
Time: 52 m
I took a rest day yesterday and did some yoga from a DVD I have. I don't know if it was the yoga or just the leftovers from the last big run, but I for sure was in pain today trying to run my "easy" run of 5 miles. First of all, I practically had to shove myself out the door. It is ironic that the one thing that relieves my stress is also the thing that I tend to shy away from when I am most emotionally whacked. But I went. I did Diamond Ridge/Skyline again, this time from my house to the water towers, which is just over 5 miles round-trip. Seatbelt hill almost got me both going down (severe pain in my shins) and coming back up (almost stopped at one point but managed to yell at myself effectively and get back up to pace). There were a couple points where I tapped into my muscles and was able to power up smaller hills, though, and I can only imagine how rewarding it will be to have the muscle power to tackle bigger hills with the same ease.

I am encouraged by how little stiffness I felt after Monday's long run, however. It was pretty fabulous to be able to cover that distance, with hills, and not feel like a train wreck the next day (or the day after that, really). My weight has dropped back down to 143 and my legs feel like rocks - not completely in a good way, since they also feel that heavy. I do need to go on a quest for good running underwear, truth be told. There is obviously a science to that and I'm going to need it for these long runs. How's that for full disclosure!

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