Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sea to Ski

MM training week 2
Day Miles: run 3, bike 4.3, ski 3
Total Miles for week: 20.5
Time: who knows

Today was the triathlon Sea to Ski. I don't know why I was so determined to enter this race, but I was. Not to compete, so much, but just to be able to say I had done it. And I did. And it was both hard and not too hard. Rewarding.

The run was oddly the hardest part, I think, because I had expectations. I don't run fast, but I feel my running is fare at this point. I got a slow start and then was messing with my ipod for a minute at the beginning and it seemed like a lot of people just blazed off. There weren't that many people doing the full triathlon - I can't wait to see how many did it. So those runners were flying while I was trying not to burn myself out prematurely. Oddly, right toward the end, I started to warm up and really hit my speed.

Then I got on my bike. Biking up West Hill, which I'm betting is an 800 ft elevation climb, was quite intimidating since I haven't been biking in upwards of 10 years. But I switched down to low gears and went for it. The bike held together fine and up the hill I went. It was hard, but not undoable.

The hard part came on the "dirt" road that takes you from West Hill to the ski trailhead. That was a big snowy, slushy mess. And every slushy spot was full of fall potential. I made it almost to the end, then on a big downhill biffed spectacularly.

The ski was pretty hard, too. My legs were screaming by the end. But I did it, I finished, none too fast, that's for sure, but I'm fine with that. It was an experience. Next year I'll know a thing or two more.

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