Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Back on the horse

MM training week 5
Day Miles: run 14
Total Miles for week: 20
Time: who knows

Today I got back on the horse in a sort-of backward way. It's been a couple weeks since I've done a long run - still managing 2-3 six-mile runs a week, but the long ones fell by the wayside because of the demands of work as well as a twisted ankle I did a couple weeks ago coming down the stairs.

It's been eating at me that I haven't managed the longer runs, and I was almost to the point of giving up, but today, I managed one. Sharon and Britt came up and we went for a little run together on daimond ridge. It was inspiring to realize how fast I was comparatively, though I tried to tone it down significantly. Sharon managed to make it up the hill after the west hill/skyline juncture, for which I was pretty impressed - that's a tough hill.

At the top, we said goodbye and off I went. At first I figured I'd just try for 8, because of the ankle factor. But it felt so good - sunshine, warm day, very pleasant. I just kept going. And going. I made it past Craig's road, then even took on a hill on the other side, passing Daisy Lee's house for a solid 14 miles - probably a mile further than I had gone before. I'm pretty proud of that after two weeks off.

But it took its tole on the way home. My knee seized up several times to the point where I had to walk. And my ankle was bothering me, too, but not nearly as much as the knee. That really sucked.

But I made it, now laying on the couch with the ice and elevate factor going hard. I think a nap is in order, then maybe a trip to the hardware store. Bonk.

Later .... my knee feels quite a bit better now, not limping and just a little stiff. I'm not sure what weird kind of issue I have with that joint, but it certainly does seem to come and go with the wind. But whatever, I'm just glad not to be house-bound.

Friday, April 2, 2010

14 - almost

MM training week 3
Day Miles: run 14
Total Miles for week: 20
Time: 125 min (9 mm)

Today I ran almost 14 miles, and my body is trashed right now. My calves keep tightening up and my upper thighs feel like bricks. I need to get more water in my body, for sure. I'm even too tired to really stretch much. Just noodly.

I tried eating something on this run. I managed to get down less than one gummy bear before they glued themselves to my teeth. I ate one going uphill. Huge mistake. So I ate the second one running downhill. Much better.

There were a couple points today when my calves started freaking out, one - then the other. I ran through it and they sorted themselves out. And I really gave my cardio a workout climbing up Seatbelt Hill. Uggg. I hate that hill.

The next run is supposed to be all the way to the Ohlsen Mountain Road junction and back. Gahhhhh! I'd better store some water somewhere for that one.