Friday, April 2, 2010

14 - almost

MM training week 3
Day Miles: run 14
Total Miles for week: 20
Time: 125 min (9 mm)

Today I ran almost 14 miles, and my body is trashed right now. My calves keep tightening up and my upper thighs feel like bricks. I need to get more water in my body, for sure. I'm even too tired to really stretch much. Just noodly.

I tried eating something on this run. I managed to get down less than one gummy bear before they glued themselves to my teeth. I ate one going uphill. Huge mistake. So I ate the second one running downhill. Much better.

There were a couple points today when my calves started freaking out, one - then the other. I ran through it and they sorted themselves out. And I really gave my cardio a workout climbing up Seatbelt Hill. Uggg. I hate that hill.

The next run is supposed to be all the way to the Ohlsen Mountain Road junction and back. Gahhhhh! I'd better store some water somewhere for that one.

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