Monday, October 13, 2008


It's been a couple months now since I stayed at the clean and clutter-free space (see above) in Victoria and found the inspiration to move my home toward a child-enhanced version of the same space.
Tonight, however, I realized I'd gotten off track, as I suspected I would. Upstairs, my clothes were piled next to two baskets o folded, clean laundry that had not been put away. My desk was still one of the few places that had not felt the wrath of my decluttering and piles of mail - mostly junk - lay on it, along with packages that needed to be returned and other odds and ends.
I've got lots of reasons for getting off track - a cabinet construction project, week-long birthday parties for 5-year-olds, a wood-stove installation that took a bite out of my last weekend - but it doesn't really matter. The thing I have to remember is that it is possible, not to mention infinitely simpler, to live in a place with fewer possessions. Tough to get there, but worth the work.
So tomorrow's goal is that desk - I need to return that space to a workable place and get control of the bedroom's clutter issues before they take over. Other priorities include: Kitchen cabinets - how to make it so I can find containers and lids without a fight. Liam's room needs some attention, and there's a basket in Thea's room that needs to be redistributed. The cabinet needs to be finished, and painting all over the place. And cleaning, of course, always cleaning.
But I can do this - making this clean, clear space is very important, especially as the DH finishes his 9-to-5 for the season, and we all are holed up for the winter, which appears to be arriving a month and a half early.
One day at a time, right?

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